How to choose a suitable treatment?

Note the category of each therapy and choose a desired time duration.

(i) the categories
“Stronger massages if you like deeper pressure, and softer massages for blissful relaxation and extra care. It’s quite simple.”

LOW to MEDIUM intensity
for those who prefer a relaxing massage without fuss and pain.
(1) Relaxing Aroma Oil Therapy
(2) Coconut Oil Warm Therapy

MEDIUM to HIGH intensity
for those who prefer deeper massage pressure to their body.
(1) Classic Thai Therapy
(2) Back Therapy

Special Care Treatments
for those who require extra care
(1) Milky Cream Cool Therapy
(2) After-Sun Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Cool Therapy

Spa Salt Body Scrub Treatments
for a total relaxation and rejuvenating body treatment experience.
(1) Spa Salt Body Scrub + Milky Cream Cool Therapy (120 mins)
(2) Spa Salt Body Scrub + Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Cool Therapy (120 mins)

Facial Treatment
for a facial renewal and stress relief experience.
(1) Facial Treatment & Stress Relief Head Massage

(ii) the time duration
“90 mins is the standard, less if you are short on time, and more if you really love the treatment.”

Short 60 mins
60 mins is the shortest time required to perform a massage therapy.
Choose this if you have limited time or would be interested to try out a therapy.

Full 90 mins
90 mins is the recommended time duration for a more complete full body massage therapy.
Choose this if you are sure about which therapy is best for you.

Extended 120 mins
120 mins is the maximum duration for a single massage therapy.
Choose this if you really enjoy the therapy of your choice and wish to indulge and pamper yourself.

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