Q. How many guests can you accommodate for massage at one time?

A. We can accommodate up to 6 guests at any one time. Do check with us for availability on day of massage.

Q. What kind of massage beds do you provide?

A. As all our massages are performed in traditional Thai-style, the massage beds are mattresses placed on the ground to facilitate the techniques and movements required. For exclusivity, there are 3 private twin cabins available; ideal for couples.

We do not have beds with a head hole or spa tables. For these amenities, we recommend visiting a higher end SPA where they can better accommodate your needs.

Q. How early in advance do I need to make a booking?

A. In most cases, a booking one day in advance is sufficient if you are coming as a couple. Otherwise, making a booking earlier in the day for later is very welcome.

An advance booking is highly recommended if you are coming as a group of 4-6 people.

Q. Can I do a walk-in if I do not have a booking?

A. Due to new operating guidelines in awareness of Covid-19, we will no longer accept walk-ins, therefore do make a booking via online as soon as you have confirmed your plans or call us to enquire availability and make an appointment. Your cooperation is appreciated to help us prepare and serve you better.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. We do not accept credit cards as we do not have credit card facilities onsite. Only cash payments in Thai Baht is accepted. Alipay, Wechat pay and QR payments are also accepted. Online bookings can be paid by credit card via PayPal.

Q. Do you provide pre-natal massages?

A. No, we do not provide pre-natal massages as our therapists are not trained to do so.

Q. I would like to have a shower before a massage, do you have shower facilities?

A. Yes, but our shower facilities are mainly reserved for guests who are having the Spa Salt Body Scrub Treatment so they are not available for other shower requests. However, we do allow guests to use the shower after a massage during less busy morning/early afternoon hours if there is no hindrance to others. There is a shower fee of 100 baht/person and we provide a bath towel and shower gel.


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