1. About the GUESTHOUSE

Qn. How many guest rooms are there?
Ans. As of November 2017, only 1 guest room left as we focus more on the massage aspect of the business to upgrade our guest’s experience. Guests enjoy a private, cozy and comfortable environment.

Qn. Where do the host stay?
Ans. Our personal living space is on level 4. We are here for you in case of any emergencies even after we close and lock up for the night.

Qn. Where do we check-in?
Ans. You check-in at the lobby/reception area on level 1. This is where we receive all our house and massage guests. It is also the only way in and out of the guesthouse so no unauthorized persons are allowed in without permission.

Qn. How many persons are allowed to stay in the room?
Ans. Only 2 persons are allowed. 

Qn. Do you serve breakfast?
Ans. We used to but no longer do.

Breakfast is available at nearby JE Coffee, Jenna’s Fine Bistro, Cafe 8.98, McDonald’s or Starbucks. If you need to have breakfast early before 7.30AM, we suggest McDonald’s for convenience.

Quick bites are also available from Family Mart next door and 7-Eleven from across the street.

If you are lucky, there may also be morning street stalls nearby for Thai Style Breakfast (Fried chicken, fried rice, porridge, fried dough fritters etc). Do note that they may sell-out or close by 9-10AM.

Qn. How far is the guesthouse from the beach?
Ans. We are 650 metres or about a 7-10 minutes walk down the main road to Aonang Beach with plenty of shops, restaurants and amenities along the way.

Qn. How do we get to the guesthouse from the airport?
Ans. From Krabi Airport, you can either take the Airport Shuttle Bus for 150 THB/person (waiting + journey time is approximately 60 minutes) or hire a taxi for 600 THB/car (journey time is approximately 30 minutes). Both services will take you directly to our doorstep. But we recommend a private transfer from Krabi Shuttle for assurance as well as to avoid a probable stop at uninvited tour agencies. This has been observed from guests taking the taxi directly from the airport.

Qn. Do you provide airport transfer to/from Krabi Airport?
Ans. We recommend booking a hotel transfer online from Krabi Shuttle. The fee is 599 THB for 2-3 persons in a standard car.

Qn. What time is Check-in?
Ans. Standard Check-in time is between 2.00PM – 23.59PM (midnight), however we can offer flexibility to our guests who would be arriving before 2PM or after midnight as long as we are informed of the arrival time in advance and provided that the room is available.

CHECK-IN TIP: If you have arrived early and the room is not ready, why not have a massage to relax yourself after those long hours of traveling. Massage services available from 10AM.

Qn. What time is Check-out?
Ans. Standard Check-out time is between 7.30AM – 11.00AM, however we can offer flexibility to our guests for early or late check-out (until 12 noon) provided we are made aware of the guest’s itinerary to the next destination so we can plan ahead.

If they are no next guests arriving for the day, guests may also extend the room till 5PM for an extra fee of 200THB/hr.

Guests may also deposit their luggage at the reception after check-out for safekeeping while waiting for transport to their next destination.

CHECK-OUT TIP: If time permits before your transportation to your next destination, schedule a massage to feel all nice and relaxed before you go.

Qn. What time do you close and lock up the door at night?
Ans. We close and lock the door at 11.59PM (MIDNIGHT) daily. When the door is closed and locked, there will be no free access until we re-open at 7.30AM the next morning. This is to ensure safety for everyone at the guesthouse as the streets are quiet and dark when the shops and restaurants are closed, and few pedestrian walk the streets. Your hosts, Andy & Elle do need their sleep as well, just so you know.

Ao Nang is generally a safe place but crime can still happen if we are not careful and vigilant especially during the late hours. If you have to be out late or need to leave early before 7.30AM (e.g. diving trip, check-out), do inform us in advance so that we can arrange to open the door for you. You will have to bear the responsibility of being locked-out or in if you do not inform us in advance.

*An After Hour Fee of 500 THB/hr or part thereof is chargeable to guests who wish to come back late after closing time. No fee for guests who need to leave the guesthouse early before 7.30AM.

Qn. Do you do room cleaning during the stay?
Ans. We do room cleaning on every alternate day from the 3rd day of your stay. There will not be any room cleaning if you are only staying for 2 nights.

Room cleaning is carried out between 10.00AM to 2.00PM only.
Do keep your valuables safe during this time. However, you have nothing to worry about as we supervise the room cleaning ourselves.


Qn. Where is the massage room?
Ans. Our massage room is located at the basement level where it is private, cool and quiet. It is an air-conditioned room where we allow only a maximum of 6 guests per session to ensure a conducive environment which is unlike other salons in the area. A private room (extra charge) for couples and ladies only is also available on the 3rd floor.

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